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Rebels Rising Against the Stale State of Hip-Hop

The Sinister Saints take a stand against the mundane platitudes that have softened the core values and beliefs of hip-hop. Straight out of the five boroughs of New York, New York, our league of independent hip-hop artists blaze crowds with straight truth that doesn't bargain with the fakers.

Against the Mainstream

For too long, mainstream hip-hop and its reliance on materialism have led to uninspiring tracks that have flooded the airwaves with predictable lyrics and verses. It's about time to turn all of that around. The Sinister Saints are the head of a counter-cultural movement that is dedicated to reflecting the reality that everyday people must face. We show the truth through the power of beats and rhymes.
To that end, the Sinister Saints create tracks that are based squarely on reality and life experience. We don't center our work on the male ego. Instead, we look into all aspects of life, both the highs and the lows, to create pieces that speak for the people.

Join the Movement

Hip-hop artists are at their best when they work with fellow artists and innovators. We are open to working with other rappers on our many projects. Give us a ring and show us your skills. If you are looking to expand your audience or break out into the underground hip-hop scene, we would love to help cultivate your talent.