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About Sinister Sisters

The Sinister Saints of New York, New York, are here to turn common conventions of rap and hip-hop upside down. Learn more about our crew and our dedication to flipping the script. Reality, Creative Director of our hip-hop collective, saw the need for music that reflected life, not one perspective. After all, reflecting everyday life is where hip-hop started, and it evolved into the Rebel's tool against The Machine. Somewhere along the way, hip-hop began to conform. We refuse to follow along.

Taking a Stand

The Sinister Saints don't boast about material things or being self-centered, or talking only about the life's highs. We created Sinister Saints to talk about all the downs and the ups of life! What inspires us are all the artists that went down a different road themselves, such as 2Pac, John Lennon, and Bob Marley. In essence, we share a common bond with all the Alpha Artists who chose not to follow the crowd.

Group Origins

The Sinister Saints began more than 10 years ago. Our group derives its name from the duality of everyday street life. In other words, we came from the dirt to come out into the light. For us, you enter as a "Sinister" and, if you survive playing the game of life, emerge as a "Saint."

The Lineup

As rappers from New York City's five boroughs, we encapsulate the diverse happenings of city life. Each of us grew up listening to hip-hop, carefully taking notice of how it changed over the years. Our members include:
Reality (Creative Director) - D-One (Producer) - Ag Rattle (An MC From the Bronx)